Either Side of Delphy Bridge

The deep mapping of Delphy Bridge, Bodmin Moor, developed through close-engagement with the environment and community but did not aim to present clear and detailed information of that place, rather it presented a more ambiguous and unstable evocation of a lived landscape. A multi-vocal and subjective landscape consisting of digital media to be explored in an open-ended, online ramble was developed. A sophisticated tagging system was designed to enable the user to create their own pathways through this multi-media ‘landscape’. This project was a variant of deep mapping as expounded by Cliff McLucas and developed by Iain Biggs.

Around 140 tags were devised and grouped into 16 categories:

Activities; Boundaries/Connectors; Weather; Environment; Everyday Tasks; Exchange / Reciprocity; Flows and Networks; Felt Responses; Locations; Neighbours/ Relations; Presence / Absence; Power / Control; Perceptions; Relations to Place; Representations and Culture; Temporalities.

The tagged contents were presented in a visual interface.

The ESDB website is no longer live.

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