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Jane Bailey

Jane Bailey designs and leads creative, participative projects focused on people’s lived environments. Driven by curiosity, these projects explore the use of creative processes and produce books, performances, videos. Recently, Jane co-produced Jubilee Pool Stories.

Jubilee Pool Stories was a community-focused creative, heritage project that generated, interpreted and shared a rich cultural archive around Jubilee Pool, Penzance. Jane Bailey and awen productions CIC partnered with Jubilee Pool, Falmouth University, Penwith College and The Lux, London, to deliver this exciting project funded by ACE and HLF.

Image from Either Side of Delphy Bridge of large beetle on human hand, an example of human and other animal interaction.

ES Delphy Bridge

Either Side of Delphy Bridge (ESDB) was a participative, digital deep mapping undertaken with Iain Biggs, and team, of University of the West of England and people from around Delphy Bridge, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. Funded by Research Councils UK.

Either Side of Delphy Bridge

Photo of Long Rock Yellow Ribbon showing tags, ribbons and subverted sign.

LR Yellow Ribbon

LongRock Yellow Ribbon: a creative response to the closure of Longrock‚Äôs footpath to the seafront. Initiated by Longrock-based artist, Jane Bailey, this ‘real world’ tagging action quickly became communal. Subsequent manifestations included a group protest at Cornwall Council and an exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery.

Longrock Yellow Ribbon

Other work….

Photo of Transplanted


A living installation that includes organic matter and mobile communications, and requires air, light, space and water to survive. Shown at multiple venues as part of Something of Place, Transplanted developed its own small network of people to sustain its existence.


Jane Bailey is an artist-researcher who employs a collaborative approach to engaging with place and people. Alongside her art practice she has worked as a multimedia producer/director creating award-winning, content-rich educational titles.